KINGSTON TOP10 holiday park 

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Physical address: 
16 Kent Street, Kingston, Otago, NZ, 9793
Postal Address: 
Kingston TOP 10 Holiday Park, PO BOX 47, Kingston, Otago, NZ, 9793



Kingston TOP 10 Holiday Park place great value on our land and are mindful of how we manage it.


Within our Park we recycle aluminum, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard.


We have completed a new development within our Park that comprises of all our new buildings being built in solid wood making them all very energy efficient.  All our older cabins and motel units have all been bought up to the New Zealand Healthy Homes standards.  We have changed all light bulbs to LED and have installed sensored lighting as well as lighting on timers.

Our drinking water system has been upgraded and we follow a plan as per our Drinking Water Safety Plan.


We use natural timbers to enhance our natural landscape, having all new buildings built in solid timber and upgrading older cabins to compliment the new wooden buildings

We have planted  and will continue to plant mainly New Zealand natives throughout our park, most recently planting out our gravel bank in front of some of our new wooden chalets with all NZ natives:  this in turn conserves water use as eventually they will require minimal watering.

Having lots of native plants and trees encourages  birds in our park, we are fortunate to have Bellbirds and Tui in the park.

We encourage recycling  with our guests , placing bin stations with clear signage for guest rubbish, recycling and glass around the park as well as in all our cabins and motels.

We have decreased our single use packaging down to a minimum for any cleaning products etc.   Where possible we buy in bulk and refill dispensers in communal kitchen/toilets etc as well as in guests motel rooms and cabins.

Due to Kingston township not being on town water supply and purchasing a very old existing wastewater system when we bought the Park, we have now  completely upgraded to a Eloy wastewater system. This new system is very environmentally friendly and requires the park to operate in a very sustainable way.  Our guest laundry has been set up so no guests have to use their own washing powder, as our washing machines dispense their own system safe laundry liquid  directly into the washing machine with each wash.  All our cleaning products and in our park staff laundry  we use products that have been approved to use with this very new wastewater system – so no chemicals are used in any of our products.


We ensure our staff promote responsible tourism, encouraging sustainable practices in their day to day environment.

We wish to promote our country to  guests who visit and encourage guests to respect our land, people, rivers, lakes and environment.